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In barely 3 years, Explor Games® stood out in the area of outdoor adventure games as an unmissable conveyor of touristic attractiveness. Designing the course together with you under this protected concept means ensuring a memorable playing experience while boosting the place you are in charge of.
Our capacity to make this exploration immersive is based on a high level of requirements on every aspect: the originality of our storylines, the richness of our challenges, the quality of our graphic universe, and especially our will to highlight the uniqueness of your natural or historical environment.

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Explor Games ® is your ally!

Explor Games® allow you to reach new audiences and build visitor loyalty. Suitable for families, groups and young adults, it is an ideal activity to increase your revenues, without having to extend the surface area of your site. .
What makes Explor Games® original is that they are adapted to your park by our team. You offer your visitors an immersive experience to be lived in the real world, as opposed to the classic riddle games that could be played in the forest, in a firm or in your living room. .
100% of your communication and promotion of Explor Games® benefits your company.
The feedback from our customers is unanimous! The management of the activity is simple and low on personnel, security and maintenance requirements. The scenarios can be designed to send several teams simultaneously. The attendance record for one week was 900 people (Bol d’Air Park – summer 2020).
From the design to the operation of your Explor Games®, our entire team is at your disposal to ensure the continuous improvement of the game on your site.
It represents an investment in an entertainment activity for small groups (families, friends, companies) that pays for itself from 1,300 players (depending on the level of experience that you choose).
UP TO 10%
of customers attracted on average (out of total admissions)
UP TO 25%
of entries - Record number of entries at Angles Aventure
Break-even point between
1500 and 2000 players
UP TO 900
players in one week - Record flow at Bol d'Air
From 2 to 6
players per tablet
of play approximately
A l'origine du futur Explor Games
«Nature and thrill are part of our park’s DNA! We are therefore quite proud to be the first to offer an «immersion» version of Explor Games®. Our customers are amazed by the intensity of the experience, the level of creativity of the game, the quality of the storyline, and the sensations they feel. From fear to fun, from pressure to laughter! The game takes place on several hectares of forests, some of which are superb and a way for real-life challenges. It’s very dynamic, the sets interact with the players. Pyrotechnics, sound and light, laser, vibrations: all senses are stimulated. Fiction or reality? It can be hard to tell and the experience is truly unique. And as we have seen, it appeals as much to young adults who are fans of escape games and geocaching, as to families and professionals for company seminars. »
« We chose a premade version, without customisation. But the graphic and visual aesthetics of the game we chose fit the beauty of the landscapes of our site. It is a former granite quarry in the middle of a forest that used to supply the city of Paris with cobblestones. It works perfectly. The huge difference with an escape game is that it is an outdoor activity and offers real contact with nature! It is rather physical on our site because you need to go up and down the hills. It is quite surprising for our clients from the city. They’re often surprised to have to walk on humid paths or having to find alternate paths… What is amusing to us and to adventurers is that it is a treasure hunt that blends in with the site and requires a sense of spatialization »
Explor’ Games® Les Druides de Cellardhor

They chose Explor Games

A concept rewarded by French tourism leaders

2018 6 Excellence Award Concours de l’innovation


2019 – DM awards

An increasing intensity of play according to the offers

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An increasing intensity of play according to the offers

Your privileged interlocutors

Insatiable creative
    He’s buzzing with ideas! Inexhaustible when it comes to working on storylines and challenges, he draws his inspiration from everything he reads and watches and uses wit to create stories that carry you away. He is particularly sensitive to what surrounds him and always makes sure to respect the environment and that the games he creates enhance the uniqueness of your site in the most beautiful way.
    Caring and energetic
    Ayse CALLAK
      She is a true concentration of positive energies, she is accurate and clever and does not leave anything to chance. You will quickly be convinced by her astonishing ability to listen, the accuracy of her analysis, and the sincere kindness of her advice. With her excellent knowledge of the tourism sector, you can be sure that she will only be satisfied if your game project perfectly meets your stakes.
      The bedrock of the team
      Clément SANLAVILLE
        He knows how to go beyond his limits. You can set him no poser! He guarantees technical reliability and fluidity of the game and is the man for ALL situations for our customers. Thanks to his ingenuity, his courage, and his love for experimentation, he always finds the answer to any question. He speaks fast, you will soon realise, but still, knowing that he is by your side is terribly soothing…

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