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Salon Digital Montagne : les jeux de piste numériques Explor’Games® remportent l’Award 2019 Innovation produit/service BtoC !

Digital Montagne Trade Show: Explor’Games® receives the BtoC product/service Digital Mountain Award for Innovation 2019!

Digital Montagne is a special trade show for professionals in the snow and mountain tourism business. The high-tech solutions on offer are designed for the challenges they face in an increasingly digitised world.

The award is for the most innovative project for winter sports stations, both at high and lower altitudes.

In record time, Explor Games® won two innovation awards: the first in the competition held by SLA (Syndicat Des Loisirs Actifs) and the second at Digital Montagne. Thus, it has been recognised as a unique recreational and immersive solution for enhancing tourist locations. We are proud of this and keen to go further and surprise you in your future projects.

Outdoor Escape Gaming is the means to truly reconnect with the real world: using an app on a mobile device, you follow a trail with tasks to complete and riddles to solve, set by the characters as the story unfolds. Using your GPS-enabled device, you and your team have to be attentive to your surroundings to make it to the end of the quest. With your eagle eye, you go on a fantastic journey, full of intrigue, and become the hero you always dreamed of being.

Our thanks to all our clients for their trust and collaboration.  

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Our references in your branch: Cluses Le Reposoir, Mont Dore Aventures (Capucin), Saxel, Doucy (Valmorel), Megève, Vals du Dauphiné, Publier, Flaine (Grandes Platières), Angles Aventures (Pyrénées)…