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Discover Sologne with Explor Games®

In this adventure, you will meet Gustave, a young man from Sologne, whom grandmother told him a necklet allowing him to communicate with spirits. Attracted by this relic, Anatole, a shady man with a dark past, prowls around and tries to steal Sologne treasures! Your help is invaluable to Gustave, who must foil the traps set by Anatole !

Through a series of riddles and challenges, discover the history of the Sologne, the local flora and fauna thanks to Gustave’s friends: Marius, Perrine, Barthélémy, Rose and Alice.

Do you know what a guernazelle is ? Would you recognize a solognote if you would have seen one ? Do you know the story of Abbé Etienne Gallerand?

Find out by exploring the 13 villages that make up this Explor Games® !

Gustave is waiting for you!