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Explor Games®, a secure outdoor activity

Atelier Nature team, Covid-Friendly

We wish you a good recovery! We mobilize our efforts to keep you entertained in complete safety.


Explor Games®, a secure outdoor activity

Currently in the midst of deconfinement, we are all in search of green spaces and entertainment. As actors of tourism that we are, we must above all ensure the safety of visitors and fellow citizens.

Explor Games® scripted treasure hunts take place outdoors and are guided by a visiting companion on a tablet or smartphone. This easy to use and manage device is all the more secure and suitable in this enigmatic period.


Easy to disinfect

All the touch pads that tourist sites offer for rental are easy to clean, before and after each game session. If you download the application on your smartphone, you can go on an adventure.

Many equipped parks open the Explor Games® as a priority, the management of which is simple and secure.


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