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Explor Games® and the legends of the Château de Vallin

Discover the surroundings of the Château de Vallin in the Vals du Dauphiné region with « The Adventurers of the Vals du Dauphiné »  from Explor Games® . The natural landscapes around this 14th Century building are ideal for an outdoor Escape Game. You can admire its rooves, which are typical of the region, as well as the medieval tower that overlooks the Tour du Pin valley.

To create this digital game, the Atelier Nature  team took inspiration from the folk stories and legends that surround this historical house. You set off on a fascinating adventure of monstrous proportions: fantastical creatures of local lore creep out of the shadows to taunt passers-by. Using your book of magic spells, your job is to neutralise these scary creatures.

Le Vallin has been awarded several times, including the titles “Patrimoine Historique” (Historic Heritage) and “Patrimoine en Isère” (Regional Heritage listing). It is also known as the “Château des Livres” (the Chateau of Books), a major book fair in this part of France.