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« Terr’Aventure »

/ per person
On your visit to Terra Botanica, take up the challenges and solve the riddles along the way to uncover the secrets of the plant world. Guided by a tablet, this Explor Games® has many surprises in store for you: carnivorous plants, frantic races and augmented reality.… the plant world has never been so dynamic! Throughout the visit
Throughout the visit
Explor'Games© : Voyage au fil des Labyrinthes
This digital adventure combines treetop rope courses, manual activities and mazes of all kinds! Néo keeps you company as you discover the history of the mazes, escape from giant ants, walk barefoot through the giant warrens… There are lots of surprises in store for you with this app on your smartphone.
1hour 30
With the help of a tablet, this hunt will take you to discover the wild beavers living on the banks of the Loire. Help Hector the Beaver to go home to Canada! A terrible storm took Hector away from his family. Having had a great time with his European cousins, Hector now wants to go home to Canada. You’ll have to help him build a raft to cross the north Atlantic!  No mean feat…
1hour 30
Gustave is 11 years old and knows Sologne like the back of his hand. His grandmother recently gave him a magic pendant which allows Gustave to communicate with the spirit world. A shady-looking man with a dark past is ready to do anything to get his hands on the treasures of Sologne.  Help Gustave save his heritage by communicating with the spirits.
1hr à 1hr 30min
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In pursuit of Mornac

/ per person
This digital adventure game guides you through Mont Doré forest, tracking one of the most dangerous bandits of all time! A magic spring. A legend about fairy people. What do they have to do with one of the worst criminals of the 19th Century? To find out, you will have to rise to the challenges and avoid the traps that Mornac and his men have set out! And you’d better be on your guard, this bandit will stop at nothing…
Since the construction of three vessels for space and time exploration, wars, pollution and the lack of resources had become things of the past. But at the beginning of the year 4019, two of these time vessels disappeared on a mission. The sacred archives were attacked and destroyed by a bunch of mysterious individuals and Earth was on the verge of sinking back into the dark past, when man preyed on man, like beasts. You are part of the crew on board the « Hermione III », humanity’s […]
1hour 30
For some strange reason, the mythical fantasy creatures of local folklore in the Vals du Dauphiné have come to life and are real. They lurk in the shadows, waiting for innocent passers-by to torment. You have just inherited an old book of magic spells… You’ll need it as you explore the Vals du Dauphiné, to neutralize these legendary creatures.
1hour 45
Explor Games « La Confrérie de Maguelone », Explore Game
Take part in the search for the Grail… A cross between an outdoor Escape Game and a digital treasure hunt, this game will challenge you like no other! Sumptuous landscapes, a mysterious atmosphere, a thrilling adventure… This is what to expect. You’ll need to be brave and fast and be able to work in a team and think on your feet if you want to avoid the traps and maybe…discover the Grail!
Explor Games « La Cité de Pierres : l’Arche des Mystères », Explore Game
A forgotten civilisation, an imminent cosmic event, a mysterious crystal… This is what awaits you in this game combining orienteering and an outdoor Escape Game… As you walk among the famous rock formations of the Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux, the views are breathtaking! You alone can save our world from the cataclysm that brought an end to the Amathis civilisation.