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Atelier Nature team, Covid-FriendlyWe wish you a good recovery! We mobilize our efforts to keep you entertained in complete safety. Explor Games®, a secure outdoor activityCurrently in the midst of deconfinement, we are all in search of green spaces and entertainment. As actors of tourism that we are, we must above all ensure the safety of visitors and fellow citizens.Explor Games® scripted treasure hunts take place outdoors and are guided by a visiting companion on a tablet or smartphone. This easy to use and manage device is all the

Les Sybelles trusted Explor Games® to offer a unique sliding experience in their field. Winter sports enthusiasts will live a fantastic descent, accompanied by atypical mountain guides: straight out of the smartphone, these outstanding and somewhat talkative guides, offer skiers and snowboarders of all ages, a multitude of good real challenges! Go in search of hidden statuettes on the 4th connected ski area in France, made up of the "six beautiful" and authentic resorts of La Toussuire, Le Corbier, Saint-Sorlin-d'Arves, Saint-Jean-d'Arves, Les Bottières and Saint-Colomban-des-Villards. Explore the mountains,

You've been 85,000 players on the Explor Games® adventure this summer! A big thank-you !We are pleased to see this growing number of explorers. More than twenty Explor Games® that you have discovered in France, during this hot summer season: violent sun on the beach, you have opted for expeditions in more shady places. These outdoor Escape Games have been a real refreshment for the whole family. Present in every corner of France, you've had the embargo of choice.And always more novelties to discover for the summer of

Have you already had a chance to play Explor Games®? Did a friend suggest you try this new leisure time activity? Did you find us by chance?This site is for you!Find out where all the Explor Games® can be played. Find one in your region or pick a theme you like… There are endless stories, riddles and tasks! So, choose one of the Explor Games® now and start off on the adventure!

The SLA (Syndicat Des Loisirs Actifs) Innovation Competition aims to support innovative projects led by companies, that encourage the emergence of new tech solutions and services in the leisure sector, particularly in active leisure parks.This prize is awarded for the most innovative product or service for active leisure parks.With Explor Games® Atelier Nature offers mobile applications combining user friendliness and new technologies for fun activities to share with the family, friends and in teams. We develop challenges that include all the players and encourage exchange. By scripting a walk or a visit and

Digital Montagne is a special trade show for professionals in the snow and mountain tourism business. The high-tech solutions on offer are designed for the challenges they face in an increasingly digitised world.The award is for the most innovative project for winter sports stations, both at high and lower altitudes.In record time, Explor Games® won two innovation awards: the first in the competition held by SLA (Syndicat Des Loisirs Actifs) and the second at Digital Montagne. Thus, it has been recognised as a unique recreational and immersive solution for enhancing

The digital hunt “The Mystery Arch” is now available at the Cité de Pierres  (Stone City) in the Grands Causses Regional National Park! It takes you on an adventure retracing the Amathis civilisation with Edouard-Alfred MARTEL, the father of speleology. For thousands of years, the forces of evil have turned the city to stone; you are a member of a group of archaeologists who must rescue the world from these forces. In this unusual outdoor Escape Game, you get to be the hero.Created in 1995, this Park is jointly

There is a wide choice of Explor Games® to discover this summer! These intriguing digital hunts will lead you into very real environments where the secrets behind these historical and mysterious places are waiting to be revealed. Discover…“The Mystery Arch” at la Cité de Pierres in Montpellier-le-Vieux, where you will be completely immersed in the Grands Causses, a Regional Natural Park that is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list; “Tom Thumb Agency: the Mystery of the Tower” at Parc Grimmland® in La Roque d’Anthéron, where you’ll be plunged into the

Discover the surroundings of the Château de Vallin in the Vals du Dauphiné region with « The Adventurers of the Vals du Dauphiné »  from Explor Games® . The natural landscapes around this 14th Century building are ideal for an outdoor Escape Game. You can admire its rooves, which are typical of the region, as well as the medieval tower that overlooks the Tour du Pin valley.To create this digital game, the Atelier Nature  team took inspiration from the folk stories and legends that surround this historical house. You