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Positive feedback during this shortened year

Good figures for the summer of 2020:

This year, 62,000 players have gone on the Explor Games® adventure in the various parks and tourist sites that offer the activity! Of these 62,000 adventurers, 40,000 played this summer: a positive return for the tourist infrastructure, delighted to see that you, holidaymakers, were more motivated than ever. The Covid did’nt take the time for leisure activities.

Secure activity: Covid-Friendly

The Explor Games® digital track games are guided by a visiting companion on tablet or smartphone. This easy-to-use and management system is all the more safe and adapted in this period of Covid-19: the equipped tourism players were able to see this this summer.

Easy to disinfect: all touch tablets available for rent are cleaned before and after each play session. If you visit the tourist site on a smartphone, you can directly download the app and go on an adventure. By following the Brand Explor Games® on social networks, you stay informed of the health measures to follow.

It is in this pro-active approach that we have designed the website a real web portal that lists all the Explor Games® experiences to discover in France. Thus, a seasoned explorer or a holidaymaker looking for activities around his place of residence, will easily find the coordinates of the tourist site. A video presenting the mission to be carried out will give you an overview of your quest: suspense!

In addition, we naturally share the events and anecdotes of tourist sites equipped with a scripted track game Explor Games®. The concept we propose is dynamic, so it is through fun and frequent publications that we communicate about the evolution of the business.

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