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The first premade Explor Games®: “The Metal Legion” has been delivered !

In 2020, Explor Games® introduced a new feature: premade Explor Games®: courses designed by our teams that just need to be installed on your touristic site.

Among the different scenarios you will find a medieval fantasy world, a post-apocalyptic world, a police investigation but also a Steampunk world with no less than Sherlock Holmes as hero !

This summer you have already been able to play to “the Druids of Cellardhor” and “the Silence of the Octopus”, in a few weeks you will also be able to play to “The Metal Legion” (Steampunk universe) because it has been installed in Land aux Lutins!

We have announced the release of 3 of our 4 universes…Stay tuned, the 4th should be out soon! 🤫