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Explor Games® Officiel

The second Explor Games® at Hameau Dubœuf will be available soon.

The adventure starts again for the Hameau Dubœuf which, one year after having installed its first Explor Games®, trusted Atelier Nature’s team for the creation of a second course. This one will highlight their garden.

The old station of Romanèche-Thorins was developed by Mr. Georges Dubœuf who wanted to share his passion for vineyards and wine. The garden was created a few years later. With this new Explor Games®, explore the vineyards and the garden with its scents of flowers, fruits and spices to solve a new mystery at the Hameau.

Here’s a sneak peek at your next mission “The year is 1899. The industrial revolution has profoundly transformed daily life. In this new society, an old inventor discovered the secret of perpetual motion! Such power attracted covetousness and on the eve of the opening of the World’s Fair, as he prepared to present his invention to the world, the inventor was kidnapped.

When Sherlock Holmes learns about the case, he immediately decides to investigate. Go on an adventure, on the trail of the mysterious criminals who threaten to use the invention for their dark plans. ”

Only a few more months to wait before you can test the Explor Games® the Metal Legion in the garden of the Hameau Duboeuf.