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Coming soon! « In Search of the Multiscope »

Go on an adventure, in the footsteps of the mysterious criminals who threaten to use the invention for their dark projects.

Coming soon! « In Search of the Multiscope »

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It is 1899 and in a few months, London will host the universal exhibition which will highlight the wildest inventions of the century.

Newton MacGyver, an unprecedented inventor, has been working for many weeks on his new invention: the multiscope. Thanks to her, he plans to revolutionize the audiovisual world. Based on the cinematograph, invented in 1895 by his colleague Louis Lumière, Professor MacGyver added a device allowing the width of the field to be enlarged in order to film vast landscapes and large crowd movements. He hopes to change the cinematographic image forever.

Unfortunately this morning, Newton MacGyver had the unpleasant surprise to discover that the multiscope had disappeared.

You are his apprentices and he is counting on you to help him find his precious invention.


Inspired by the Explorer Games® “The Metal Legion”

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