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« The Druids of Cellardhor »

Free the legendary Nywënn Forest from the yoke of the terrible Dark Elves of Dao-Sith!

« The Druids of Cellardhor »

This Explor Games® is available in the following parks: Acro-Sphère, Base de Loisirs De Saint-Leu-d´Esserent or GAIA Loisirs (see map)


Since time immemorial, Men and Dwarves have lived in harmony on the land of Cellardhor. The Druid Order ensured this balance: at the heart of the territory, they protected the Nywënn Forest.

Alas, nothing is immutable and the madness of the powerful endangered this sanctuary … The Dark Elves of Dao-Sith invaded Cellardhor and started the “Three Peoples War”. In a final battle, the alliance of Men and Dwarfs was defeated.

You are former novices of the Order of Druids. Fleeing persecution, you hid yourself by living like simple peasants. Go on an adventure, in an epic quest, to free the legendary forest from the yoke of the terrible Dark Elves. Take on the challenges, unravel the mysteries and fight against the forces of darkness. The time has come to bring peace and harmony to the land of Cellardhor!

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