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« The Octopus Silence »

Save agent John B., unmask the kidnapper and complete the Walrus mission!

« The Octopus Silence »

This Explor Games® is available in the following park(s): Le Grand Défi (see map)


The GSP, Global Secret Police, fulfills missions that are both perilous and confidential. Agents from around the world join forces to arrest criminals, end trafficking and stop conspiracies.

But this morning, on his way to his pottery class, agent John B. was kidnapped by mysterious kidnappers …

You are agents of the GSP and you worked with John B. in Operation Walrus: a delicate investigation concerning the Piovra, a formidable international mafia.

Go on an adventure to unmask the author of this kidnapping, complete your mission and save John B.! Make your logic work, thwart the traps set by your enemies and beware … Time is short … and your teammate needs you!

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