Explor'Games© : Jeu de piste numérique

Explor Games®: What are they?

Explor Games® are scripted adventure and exploration games, guided by mobile applications. They combine orienteering, outdoor Escape Games and video games, to immerse you and your family, friends or colleagues in a completely unique experience. Using a tablet or smartphone, Explor Games® are digital…but the riddles and tasks awaiting you are very real!

Explor Games® Immersion

A unique experience. Animated and connected decors react to your actions. Your choices have an important influence on the adventure… Are you a fan of the Explor Games®? These are essential

Adventure Explor Games®

The best of the Explor Games®!
Immersive storylines. Decors specially designed for the game. Dedicated guides. Equipment optimised for team play… The “Adventure Explor Games®” line guarantees the most complete gaming experience of all.

Discovery Explor Games®

Challenging riddles to solve and hunts to share with the family. Downloadable to your smartphone and based on real-world locations. The “Discovery Explor Games®” line offers great trails to explore in which you are the hero.

Where to find an Explor Games®?

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Team play

Adventures in which you are the hero

Scripted adventures

Riddles tasks hunts